George Basargin

  • Over thirty five years of martial arts experience
  • Former Special Forces. Russian Spez Naz
  • Former instructor for Russian Police and Private Security members
  • 1994 Champion of Far East and Siberia in San-Da and Kickboxing
  • 1993 silver medallist of USSR (open championship) in San-Da
  • 1992-1996 Numerous Provincial and National titles of Russia in Boxing, Kickboxing and San-Da
  • 2007 Sanshou Internationals Heavyweight Champion

Zoran Bogdanovic

  • Tactical trainer for the past 25 years in over 24 different countries.
  • Former Special Forces and LFO team leader and has real experience in high risk areas such as Kosovo, the Middle East, Bosnia and Eastern Africa.
  • ICPTA Canadian head instructor and regional director for Canada.
  • # Holds an M.A. degree in methodology and is certified by numerous schools and international agencies in Personal Protection and Counter Terrorism Holds numerous black belts for various martial arts.
  • Contracted instructor for the Vancouver ERT, Serbian CTU Police and U.N. security program.